“Pepsi. The Choice of a New Generation”

“If only President Trump would send Kendall Jenner into Syria with a can of Pepsi”

The reaction to the new Pepsi commercial was not very positive, let’s just say Twitter draaaaaged Kendall Jenner, hell if it was up to black Twitter Kendall would never work another day in her life. But I wouldn’t be MissUnpopular if I believed that the commercial was “offensive or tone deaf”.

Before we begin… watch the commercial!

The commercial begins with imagery of people marching, protesting and we see a sign “Be apart of the conversation”. A musician stops practicing to join the movement. A photographer stops reviewing photographs to join the movement. A model stops working to join the movement.

Pepsi has always presented its product as “The Choice of the Next Generation”. A brand that promotes youth, innovation, and change. Pepsi views the next generation as the answer, the youth have the power to do things beyond themselves and create a platform for greatness. Pepsi has kept the same ideals for the past 60+ years. So why now would they change that ideal to portray something so ugly and negative?

Now I get it, the “white savior” imagery, copying the image from the Black Lives Matter protest- BAD IDEA PEPSI.  But one thing my cousin said to me that grabbed my attention is, “The way people react to things says more about them, then  it does about the thing they are reacting to”

In 2016, during the height of the Black Lives Matter protest in the United States, there were other protest and other problems going on globally. As Americans sometimes I think we forget that we aren’t the only ones going through things, unless its brought to our front door with  the words “bomb, terrorism and war”.

  • Poland- “Back in Black” protest held by women against the anti-abortion laws
  • Germany- protest against the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnerships (TTIP)
  • Nigeria- students at  universities protest against electricity & water shortages country-wide
  • Brazil- “Dilma Out” protest against the mismanagement of the economy

A lot of these movements  in 2016 were lead by the youth, the next generation. For me, Pepsi being a global company the commercials motives was to entice people who are not apart of the conversation of their countries problems to join the conversation . Some of you may already be apart of the conversation , very active in what is going on in your county, but everyone isn’t actively involved. Because as youth we have so much potential to be more powerful beyond our comprehension. Getting more of us involved in pivotal to our overall success as PEOPLE.

Yes, we can pick apart the Pepsi commercial for what they may have done wrong. But did you see the bigger picture? Did you see the true message?

Be apart of the conversation because we are stronger in numbers.

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