Be Gelous!!

As women we are ALWAYS spending money on different beauty products, clothes and other things that just make us feel good. For me personally when my hair and nails are done…..

Over the years I have probably spent thousands on my nails and $30 or more every two weeks for a gel manicure just wasn’t cutting it anymore. There are so many products out there to DIY a gel manicure at home but they ALWAYS require that black light. Spending $80 or more on a black light to use whenever may be a good investment for some. But this girl was NOT ready to take that plunge.

While doing my daily YouTube browses I came across this video and this AMAZING product:


So I went to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply (only place I’ve seen it), and got me a bottle for $6.99. The beautiful thing about Gelous is all you need is this product and ANY nail polish that you like. ANY POLISH AT ALL!! Nothing special, nothing specific ALL NAIL POLISHES WORK WITH GELOUS!!!

This product give you the gel manicure finish, very fast drying time. Instructions are on the bottle. But for those of you who might what a little guidance:



I swear by this product, if you want that Gel polish look for under $10 , this is a DIY MUST TRY FOR SURE!!!!


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