Love & Popcorn

Let’s just be honest, there are some nights when you just want to put on your pajamas, open a bottle of wine, watch a good chick flick and cry. wine.gif

Having a night to your self is just cleansing and there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of “me time”. Chick flicks are the perfect pair to “me time”, EVERY TIME. If I could pick an era of my FAVORITE chick flicks it would definitely be the 80s .

80s chick flicks were always so positive and a feel good movies that makes you feel beautiful and like you can poop sparkles. Every era of chick flicks make you feel different things and it seems like the more chick flicks evolve the less “happily ever after” and more “life really happens, now cry”.

There are literally 25 chick flicks that I  could watch EVERY FRIDAY night and never get sick of them. These movies are LIFE & the type of movies that every  good chick flicks night needs. BESIDES WINE! LOTS OF WINE! 

chick flicks

  1. Save the Last Dance (90s)
  2. Pretty In Pink (80s)
  3. Bridget Jones Diary(1-3)(00s)
  4. Dirty Dancing (80s)
  5. Flash Dance (80s)
  6. Poetic Justice (90s)
  7. Love Actually (00s)
  8. “O” (00s)
  9. Grease (70s)
  10. Titanic (90s)
  11. Remember Me (10s)
  12. The Fault In Our Stars (10s)
  13. The Holiday (00s)
  14. Mystic Pizza (80s)
  15. The Great Gatsby (70s)
  16. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (80s)
  17. Me Before You (10s)
  18. She’s All That (90s)
  19. A Walk to Remember (00s)
  20. Crazy Stupid Love (10s)
  21. Shakespeare In Love (90s)
  22. The Notebook (00s)
  23. Think Like A Man (10s)
  24. Coming to America (80s)
  25. Safe Haven (10s)
**tissue needed

” People do fall in love. People do belong to each other, because that’s the only chance everybody’s got for real happiness.” 

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