Sluts Not Real

When I first heard about the “Amber Rose Slut Walk” , I was instantly OVER IT. Instantly judgmental and ready to criticize the movement because it was Amber Rose. After her relationship with Kanye, her relationship with Wiz, her beef with the Kardashians. I won’t lie I had the same thoughts about her that most of society had.slut.png

“This stripper broad just want another excuse to show her ass and get some attention. Just to tell people it’s a good cause and she has some type of platform to keep her career going.”

I realized that I was a part of “they”, those people who slut shame and call a woman that I really don’t know every name in the book because she doesn’t represent “social norms”. With good conscious and being a victim of slut shaming throughout my life myself I just didn’t want to be a part of the problem anymore because I’m better than this.

And honestly, “SLUT” is not real.

When you look up the definition of the word slut, it is a woman that has casual sexual partners with low standards of cleanliness. Low standards of cleanliness? What does that even mean? She doesn’t shower between partners? She isn’t using protection? She doesn’t care how dirty her partner is? This ambiguous definition was just thrown together so that there would be a word out there to call women since whore, harlot, tramp and floozy describe women who have sex for money.

The definition of a slut was born in order to be applied to women who are perceived to violate traditional expectations for sexual behavior. Throughout history in many culture women’s sexuality has been viewed as subordinate to male sexuality and as something to be controlled through restrictions.

Some of those restrictions have presented situations where most women at one time or another have been slut shamed in their life:

  • Slut shamed by other women because of sexual jealousy
  • Slut shamed by society for having a child at an “inappropriate” age
  • Slut shamed by men for not being interested in their advances
  • Slut shamed by potential mates for your number of past sexual partners
  • Slut shamed by police for being a victim of rape
  • Slut shamed for your choice of fashion
  • Slut shamed out of anger
  • Slut shamed out of malice

Being a social media generation slut shaming has become a lot quicker and a lot easier because people are constantly plugged in. It’s so easy to do and so easy to make a public spectacle of another person since nowadays everyone has some form of platform.

But slut shaming didn’t just become a social norm. Slut shaming has existed dating back to Rome when “pure” women had a different form of dress than women who were deemed “impure or dirty”.

These tactics were commonly done by men in order to show which women were suitable for marriage and which were not. But as society has progressed and evolved men slut shame less often.  Now I don’t want people to think I am saying men don’t slut shame because that is absolutely false. A man’s slut shame in today’s society is done because their ego is hurt.

But why do women slut shame? Think about the last time you were called a thot, slut, ho,etc? Who said it?

According to a study done in the U.K in 2016, women call other women “slut” or “whore” on social media one and a half times more than men do.


Women could be so much more powerful if we came together and show society that “sluts not real”. That’s what I take away from the Amber Rose Slut walk, it’s not just a day for whores to put on skimpy outfits and get some attention. It’s a day to raise awareness that your societal norms about women sexuality are no longer the norm. To bring women together, because if we stop tearing each other down and band together maybe the social norm will be that SLUTS NOT REAL!

Check out: for more information

Sex Isn’t Vulgar, Slut Shaming Is.

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