So Fresh & So Clean


I’ve been going to the laundromat near my house since I bought my home. My basement is scary the stairs are narrow and lets just be honest a washing machine cost from $300 to $800. LIKE WHY?!?!? I just want clean clothes!!! $800!?!?!?! Are the clothes going to make me fly afterwards? It seriously just wasn’t happening! NO!

I was so content with using the laundromat and then it happened, they got MOTHA’ FUCKIN’ bed bugs. In college I had the most disgusting experience with bed bugs. Lets just say, my face was bitten to the point that my eye wouldn’t open. The word “bed bug” even makes me itchy.

So for about a month, I tapped into my Guyanese roots and I was hand washing all my clothes and hanging them up to dry and calling it a day. If it’s good enough for people in a third world country then its good enough for me. But there was a slight problem I’M NOT THE HULK! So, wringing my clothes dry was a struggle. They were always left extra soaked and took days to dry. But it was better than risking getting bed bugs, so I sucked it up.

I guess my mom got tired of me telling her that it took me 3 hours to do laundry because I was hand washing, or she was just being the awesome parent shes always been but that woman took to the internet. She sent me a couple of pictures via text and told me to go watch the videos on YouTube and tell her what I think. I watched multiple videos of Panda, Heir and other brands on “apartment” mini portable washing machines.

THIS IS SO DOPE!!! And only $100!!!!….SOLD!

I was so thirsty to use my new machine…I even made a video of it:


The video literally shows it all, while this may not be a DIY this product is a gift from HEAVEN!!! It is absolutely worth the money and makes doing laundry drama free.

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