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I never thought in a million years I would say this but, God bless Love & Hip Hop. Love and Hip Hop New York Season 6 introduced us to one of the realest, the phenomenal Cardi B. Now typically with Love & Hip Hop we only know who the male characters are because they’re usually big names,  and you will only know like two women because they were “A” maybe “B” list celebrities.  All the other women are usually someone’s wife or girlfriend or side piece that wants to sing or rap. There are some exceptions like Chrissy and Yandy, but for the most part, it’s always the same story line with the female characters. Cardi B was totally different. Cardi was no bodies girlfriend so the grind was raw and the hustle felt 100% real.

Buzzfeed’s Sylvia Obell wrote an article in 2016 about the 10 reasons why people love Cardi B on Love & Hip Hop and she hit it on the nail. But she only spoke on Cardi B the character, but what about Cardi B the person. Cardi B the artist.

Usually, I don’t listen to music that comes out of Love & Hip Hop because well… let’s be honest its Love & Hip Hop. But Cardi released Foreva’ and I lost my damn MIND!!!

My musical taste honestly is all over the place but I have a special place in my heart for the most cutthroat, gansta’ music. Growing up I honestly have never really vibed with female artist like I have with male artists. Occasionally I will find a feel good song that I will love but overall my personality just identifies with male artists. Whether they are dealing with haters, love, anger, passion or just in the mood for some feel good ratchet music.

Now don’t get me wrong I absolutely appreciate artists like Eve, Queen Latifa, Lil Kim, Nick Minaj but their music was never as gansta’ as I really wanted it to be.

Cardi B music really motivates me to do anything. I also don’t have to change the lyrics to fit me because it’s already from the perspective of a woman. Her music is for that girl out here grinding, chasing her dreams and saying fuck the haters.

Cardi is so under appreciated and it infuriates me. DJs not playing her music but will play their wack ass friends in the club. People who will hype Future but will say that she’s trash. NO, YOU’RE TRASH. She was nominated for a BET AWARD DAMMIT!

Even her realness about the rap game is so honest and so raw it makes me love her even more:

She allows herself to be so open and vulnerable about her life so we can truly know where her music comes from:

Cardi B is 100% for the culture and I can’t wait to see how she blossoms and continues to flourish in the industry.


Check out Gangsta Bitch Vol. 1&2

but some of my favorites are:

1. Red Barz 

2. Foreva’ 

3. Lick 

4. Washpoppin

5. Bodack Yellow 


With the right music, you either forget everything or remember everything.” 

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