Back in the day, it used to be so taboo for people to date outside their race. It was like the ultimate sin for a black man to be with a white woman and even worse for a white man to be with a black woman. You would think in 2017, 8 years after having a black president, 50 years after slavery and 1 year after gay marriage were legalized, talking about interracial couples still wouldn’t be a thing.

What is more amazing to me is how bitter black women still get when they see a black man with a white woman or any other race besides black. I know the history behind the hurt as a black woman myself. I have heard the derogatory comments like “white girls have good hair’, “white girls are less argumentative”, “white girls know how to take care of their man”, just to name a few. That one group of black men white women couples that think that the basis of their relationship should come from bashing black women. The type of white girl that thinks we are “jealous” of her, that thinks we want to be her. She wouldn’t think that if the feeble minded self-hating black man that she chose to date didn’t say these things in her presence. But those black men dating white women because they think white women are easy or superior ARE NOT the type of black man I would want to be with anyway.

But there are those black men who date white women or women not of their race because that is simply who they are attracted to. There are also some white women who love black men and really that’s it.

In the entertainment world, there is one family in particular that black women love to hate. Love to hate them for being “sluts”, for “cultural appropriation”, for enhancing their features to “look like black women”, dating black men, and simply for being a Kardashian.

Before 2007 to be honest America had no idea who the hell the Kardashians were. People love to bring up that Robert Kardashian Sr was on the team that got OJ off, but really we only knew Johnny Cochran in real life. The infamous Ray J, Kim K sex tape was leaked and the world lost their shit. Having a sex tape leak in Hollywood is like eating a sandwich with bread. Honestly, they happen so often they aren’t even a shocker and to be blunt half the time celebrity sex is wack as all fuck. We are just a generation of drugs, sex, and music. But I will say Kris Jenner finessed the hell out of this situation and saw the sex tape as a business opportunity and built an entire empire.

Is Kim Kardashian really a “whore” for having a sex tape? Not not really. There are plenty of women out there that have a sex tape, ass pics, titty pics, and other body part pics floating out there in the universe somewhere that could jeopardize your whole livelihood. Could you turn your titty into a million dollar business? No? So sit down. Be humble.

But I guess having a sex tape out there was the tip of the iceberg that made it ok to call the whole Kardashian family “whores”. Slut shaming them on a daily basis has become so regular and I feel like I see it more amongst black woman than anyone else. The most common argument that I hear is “ they are out here dating our black men”. Well, let’s really visit the dating history of the Kardashinner (Kardashian/Jenner) clan.


Kim Kardashian Damon Thomas- husband til 2004

Ray J- fling (cornball)

Nick Lachey- fling

Nick Cannon- fling (cornball)

Reggie Bush- long time bf til 2009/2010

Miles Austin- fling (I don’t know who this is)

Gabriel Aubry- fling (is he famous?)

Kris Humphries- husband (cornball- she really fucked up here like girl, where were your friends tho?)

Kanye West- husband & 2 kids 2014-present

Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom- husband til 2013; divorce final 2016

French Montana -fling (he’s not black just so yall know.)

Matt Kemp-fling

James Harden-fling (you ever seen him without his beard? Google it)

Tristan Thompson- present

Kourtney Kardashian Scott Disick- 2006-2016

Younes Bendjima- present

Kendall Jenner Julian Brooks- 2013

Rumors in between because her and Kylie hung out with them but really nothing concrete

ASAP Rocky-present

Kylie Jenner- just barely became an adult like yesterday Cody Simpson- bf til 2011

Jaden Smith- bf til 2013

Tyga- bf til 2017

Travis Scott- present

Let’s really look at their “body count”, what I see is women that want to be loved. Women that want to date and have fun after that crazy break up from men that they gave their souls too. If they were dating “our black men” if they were “black men vultures” wouldn’t their whole dating life consist of only black men? Or is that just when yall start paying attention? Or is their sprinkle of salt in the pepper just to throw us off? Honestly, the difference between their dating life and the average woman’s is someone is always bringing some hateration in their dancery. So if they are no more whores than your average woman, not really “stealing our black men”, there has to be a valid reason the hate the Kardashinners. RIGHT?!?! RIGHT!! RIGHT!?!?!?

Well, there’s that whole cultural appropriation thing. That very thin line between appreciation and What the entire fuck?

The most recent instance in “entertainment news” that literally had “black twitter” and “black insta” losing their shit was when Kendall and Kylie decided to plaster their faces over iconic artist faces as if they have done something more iconic than those that their faces were over. If they were guilty of anything it was disrespecting the artistry of those greater than them, the creative process and what it truly meant to be iconic. But all black people saw were the Tupac and Biggie shirts. It’s amazing how hard black people go for Tupac and Biggie. It’s literally INSANE. But I digress. Tupac and Biggie weren’t the only victims, The Doors, KISS, Metallica, and the Crows all had a Jenner face over theirs. This wasn’t cultural appropriation, this is plain disrespect. And in real life, if you want to hate them for the disrespect go for it.

It really seems like when the Kardashinners are concerned the termed cultural appropriation is thrown around. People take something like Kylie with cornrows after taking her wig off, Khloe’s fake ass and Kylie’s fake lips as appropriation when really they are insecurities that were fixed. They were a woman taking her extension or weave out and taking pictures because she’s obsessed with social media. Stop taking everything that the Kardashinner women do and running and reaching for something to be mad about. How you respond to a person says more about you than it does about that person.

People never talk about the good things the Kardashinners have done for “black people”. Oh, you don’t believe me that they do good things? Well here are just a few.

  1. Khloe Kardashian released her jeans line ‘Good American’. “We don’t believe in plus-size,” she said. “We want a brand that stands together. We don’t want any segregation. We don’t want to say, Well, O.K., the petite girls—the zero to eight—is over here and the rest is over here. Whether her ass is fake or not Khloe recognizes how hard it is for women with curvy features to find jeans that don’t gap in the hips to accommodate for their large back side. People will say it’s “over priced” but they’re no more overpriced than a pair of True Religion or the latest Jordans.
  2. When Kylie released her makeup line many people thought that it was going to be your typical generic makeup with color palettes that will only good look on white women. Every palette, lip gloss, and lipstick collection that Kylie has ever released she has made sure that the shades look good on both fair and dark tones. And even showed us what they look like on fair and dark tones. A lot of makeup lines out there really don’t try to cater to us because we aren’t their audience and they simply don’t care. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the quality of the products, but personally, I love her matte lipsticks, they’re fabulous.
  3. Kim Kardashian does work with multiple charities but a few that she makes sure to be apart of yearly is: The Diamond Empowerment Fund, GiveLove, Soles4Souls, True Colors Fund
  4.  And there’s Black Lives Matter, After the killing of Alton Sterling Kim wrote in her blog as a response to the recent police brutality events, “I want my children to grow up knowing that their lives matter,” she wrote. “I do not ever want to have to teach my son to be scared of the police, or tell him that he has to watch his back because the people we are told to trust — the people who ‘protect and serve’ — may not be protecting and serving him because of the color of his skin.” The whole family has spoken about their outrage and support but yet again the hate for the Kardashians outweighed their intent.

I wish that I could say that I hate the Kardashinners but in all honestly they just seem extremely regular to me. They seem like women who go through everyday life stuff their instances just happen to be constantly captured. Nothing they have ever done is done out of malice. Maybe stupidity but ignorance and malice? No. Hate the Kardashinners for being annoying. Hate them for being all over the news all the time. But hating them because you think they represent “those white girls”, hating them because society has told you they like to “appropriate black culture”, I don’t know about you but weaves and a fat ass is not what makes me a black American.  Hell if that was the case then every latina wants to be black too. In all seriousness really look at the actions of the Kardashinners, look at the big picture. Then decide whether they are really worth your hate.


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