Certified Jackass: You Tried It…

Last week on the damn Breakfast Club, why Breakfast Club oh Why. Lil Duval, Mr. Straight to DVD himself, Mr. Nothing since Guy Code, Internet Troll himself was a featured guest, for what I really don’t know nor do I care. There was a part of the interview where he was asked the question “if you ever had sex with a woman and later found out she was transgender, what would you do?” The way he started his response was enough to cut it off right there “that would never happen to me.” And that should have been the end, a sound person would have stopped and let that be the end. A person with some class would have let that be the end, but it’s Lil Duval we are talking about. He continued his word vomit of a thought with, “I would have to kill that nigga.”

I definitely understand that people don’t understand what it means to be transgendered and don’t understand the LGBTQ community. It’s really not my place to educate people on the community but there’s a level of respect as well as a thin line between jokes and being disgusting. He crossed that line.

Where he crossed that line was not so much with saying he would have to kill that nigga because that comment is not a shock. That is how most black men respond to the transgender community because of the fear of being “duped”. The disrespect came when he tried to down play and be little Janet Mock’s accomplishments by saying “I haven’t read the book but shout out to that nigga.” In that one sentence, he belittled a woman that has been a visionary to the LGBTQ community by calling her “that nigga.”

I really wish that Lil Duval was the only person that disappointed me during that interview but Charlemagne the “not so god” made very problematic comments about transgenders needing to identify themselves or suffer consequences. Identify themselves as if being transgender is equivalent to AIDS, herpes as if being transgendered is the kiss of death to anyone that comes in contact. As if they are a disease or a plague on the world. There are alarming numbers of transgenders who are murdered when “identifying” themselves, millions of transgenders scared to identify themselves for fear of being misunderstood, for being called names like “she-he or he-she”, for fear of death.

How do you have a transgender activist on your show one day and talk about the great things that do and the next day say trash like this? The whole end of this interview was trash, but it also opens people’s eyes that the battle for the LGBTQ community is still out there, letting “them” get married wasn’t enough. They are people, they have feelings and those feelings are valid.


But it was for the good of comedy? Right?

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