My imaginary friend Mr.Lee…

When I was trying to write on the subject it became really difficult because there were so many different things I wanted to touch on. So many different emotions so many different factors that writing this took me almost a week and a half to do.

Let me begin this post with the obvious, white supremacist and neo-Nazis have no place in the United States. All images that they choose to be representative of what they stand for should not be a part of the United States either.

Last week Charlottesville happened because a group of white supremacist and neo-Nazis felt like the statue of Robert E Lee was taking away from their history. Why is Robert E Lee such a big part of white supremacist history? Of all the research that I did I honestly couldn’t find a concrete reason besides the fact that he was the only figure that they have they gave them hope during a pivotal time or white supremacist had some form of a voice.

All the violence that happened that day was nothing to be proud of as a country and unfortunately it’s set us back 100 years. But the real comments that truly set us back was the fact that the commander-in-chief, the ruler of a free nation, The president of the United States had more empathy for a white supremacist and Neo-Nazis then he did for those who have been victimized by them throughout the years.

The presidents original press release talked about “both sides” being responsible for the violence that took place. But when you allow a group of people that stand for hate to publicly talk about that hate, there will always be a reaction. We saw that reaction and his lack of empathy made United States citizens even more disgusted to call him the president.

The real comment that I found interesting was when he defended the protest of the Robert E Lee statue being taken down saying that what’s next, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson?

But what the President fails to realize is the things that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington did for the United States were pivotal parts of what makes the United States. Owning slaves seems to be the only validation that the president has to condemn these two men. But during the time that they were excelling, the ideal of slavery being wrong was not as popular of a thought as it was during the height of the Civil War.

You can condemn Thomas Jefferson and George Washington for owning slaves but if you look at the things that they accomplish to make the United States, and I am not condoning slavery in anyway shape or form, the good outweighs the bad. Robert E Lee did not do anything pivotal for the formation of the United States. Robert E Lee was actually one of the worst generals in the history of the United States. Robert E Lee resigned from his position when the Civil War first started and was later appointed by the “president” of the Confederacy to be a general. Why would he resign? In my mind at Robert E Lee was going through an internal battle he knew that when he was fighting for was not worth it but because that was his home he was loyal.

There is nothing in history that involves Robert E Lee’s name that has helped set the foundation for the United States there is nothing in that involves Robert E Lee’s name that is a pivotal part of American history. Therefore his statue really does nothing for the history of the United States, Roberty Lee statue is like giving a statute a Mickey Mouse what did he really do?

All in all the statue must come down because Robert E Lee’s importance is really a figment of white supremacist imagination.

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