M’fin Man Child

Have you ever talk to a guy and wonder to yourself did you even take sex Ed in school? Do they still teach sex and in school? Or do you guys just learn these sex ideas from their friends and think that that’s the way the world works for the rest of their life?
I started talking to this guy and honestly, he really wasn’t that attractive at all, not even a little bit, but I have been working on not being shallow. Let me tell you it’s extremely difficult.
The conversation, in the beginning, seemed very normal very bland very regular and I wasn’t all that interested. And then he sent me a message that said: “you don’t act like you’re interested”. Well I wasn’t interested but I guess I can engage in the conversation a little bit more.
A lot of times when we think that the conversation is boring when online dating it’s typically because we’re not engaging in the conversation so of course it’s going to be boring.
So I tried to engage, I really did try, I tried so hard, listen I tried. But honey, he’s an idiot. He was literally a 14-year-old boy who just started having sex trapped in a 27-year-old man’s body.
We were having a conversation and he was telling me about his past encounters with women and proceeded to tell me that most of the women he’s had sex with weren’t good at it. So I ask why? His explanation was they either just laid there, their vagina smelled funny, their vagina was not shaved, they didn’t give enough BJs or they weren’t tight enough.
Well let’s have a little sex ed class: shaving the vagina is absolutely a choice I don’t care what any man tells a woman, it is a choice. With that choice comes knowing your body. Knowing that you don’t wash your vagina with soap. Knowing that sweat along with your female juices may result in smelling less clean. So shaving, a woman runs the risk of not smelling as fresh as possible.But it’s not impossible and the smell of your vagina has nothing to do with if you are physically good at sex or not. Smh.
Then I had to educate this man that a vagina is literally a muscle that’s all it is. And just like some people are built more physically muscular than others some vaginas are tighter than others, but that has nothing, let me repeat this absolutely nothing to do with whether or not that woman is having more or less sex then other women. The whole myth that a vagina being looser or tighter based upon how much sex you’re having is something that you believe when you’re a teenager and something that you should only believe when you’re a teenager.
It was funny but kind of sad at the same time that this man truly believe because I am a shorter women by default that means that my vagina would be tighter. Who told you that little man child?
All of these little claims that he thought he knew about sex and sexual experiences just completely turned me off to talking to him because I just didn’t think that somebody who was 27 years old should be this uneducated about sex.
But it didn’t stop there, he told me that he had been volunteering at a school which was great kudos to you. But preceded the conversation to let me know that working with kids was going to make his ” pull out game “strong. Now they don’t call me miss unpopular opinion for nothing , I am not a fan of any man who thinks having a pull out game is a good thing. Why would you solely rely on pulling out as a form of protection, that’s just as bad as girls who think plan B is birth control.
Your pull out game is strong and you deserve all the BJs women can offer too?!? I’ve talked to many women of many races and I’ve come to the conclusion the oral sex is definitely not a qualification for sex for everyone. For some women oral sex is “special” or sacred , they would prefer to do that with a man that they know they’re going to be serious with. For some women oral sex is exciting and fun, they love doing it because it gives them pleasure. Some women are bad at oral sex and know they’re bad at it so just rather not do it. Some women think oral sex is useless because it really doesn’t serve much of a purpose. But oral sex also come with so many different factors, so to say a women is all around bad at sex because she won’t give you oral sex is childish.
Super childish.
There’s no reason that at 27 someone should have to educate you on these things and then you get upset because they are turned off by you.
“I’m pretty sure you’re a 15 year old trapped in a 27 year olds body”
“You’re kind of insulting sometimes”

Yea well the truth can be insulting, read a book before you decide to word vomit what you think you know about sex.
Yet again another fish thrown back in that sea of a million fish, I’m starting to think getting another dog might be my best option.

“Age is no guarentee of maturity.” – Anonymous

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