That’s just awful….

There’s a decent percentage of women out there contrary to popular belief who legit just don’t like sucking dick. I was going to make things all light and fluffy and call it oral but no let’s just be real- sucking dick.
I personally am not a fan of the whole act of oral sex , giving and receiving unless I’m with someone that I have a connection with. No connection, then oral sex is just a chore. But even with the connection and wanting to do it for someone “special” it doesn’t make it any less awful. Can’t help I’on like dat shit!

5 reasons oral sex- sucks:
1. Lock Jaw: holding your mouth open for an extended period of time is not easy. Whether it’s just open, whether it’s open and you’re moving your tongue, whether it’s open and your making a duck face suck face – there is discomfort in your mouth and jaw.
2. Time stands still: when sucking dick it feels like forever. Even when being successful or knowing what you’re doing. 5 minutes feels like 20 and 10 minutes feel like 5 hours. This has to be the same for men – and I know y’all can’t breathe.
3. Cum is the devil: whether you spit your swallow men cum is literally the consistency of snot when your allergies are flaring up, that thick gross yuckiness that is unreal and the devil. It’s not even close to the consistency of women cum which is like having thicker spit, like you had way too many pops that day.
4. The reaction: I’m not sure why people think putting there hand on your head is helpful, well it’s not. I prefer for my face not to be fucked, thank you. Let me put a slender object in your mouth and kinda force it where I want- LAME. Let me force your face in a wet plastic bag with no air- LAME. Just tell them what you want and what you like- face fucking is for porn.
5. Oral sex is useless: yea I guess you get an orgasm but the same thing happens with a vibrator . I don’t see people breaking out vibrators and pocket pussies- which actually may save time and discomfort.

Oral sex is literally a preference and there are some people who just prefer not to. There are so many other things that can be done in the bedroom besides oral sex as foreplay. But let’s be clear , don’t start giving out handies like we are in high school either. Predictable sex routines are just the worst. Let’s kiss,now oral, now missionary, cowgirl, doggy and done. Get creative, spice it up. It’s not the end of the world, she just doesn’t wanna suck your dick.

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