Wedding Season….

September 16,2017 I watched my best friend get married. Regardless of the hard shell demeanor that I let off , I still believe in fairytales and happily ever after.

When people think of happily ever after they envision unicorns, sparkles, heart eyes and perfection. But that’s not happily ever after. Happily ever after is finding someone that you want to wake up next to everyday. Happily ever after is the willingness to work hard for your love. Happily ever after is a conditional type of love that allows you both to grow into better people. Happily ever after is still butterflies in your stomach and always will be.

When I first was gearing up for wedding weekend all I kept thinking was fuck , being single at a wedding is like everyone having food but you. There’s this stigma around being single as if your life is incomplete or broken, but reality is you’re just waiting for your happily ever after.

My friends are high school sweethearts – how often does that happen let’s just be honest? But their type of love isn’t as rare. I’ve had the pleasure of watch my parents be married for 30+ years, my friends parents for 30+ years and now I’m going to watch them be married for 30+ years.

This weekend just fully validated that I don’t need to settle. Being single is not a curse. And happily ever after happens, but I’m still writing my story.

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