Fuck you talkin’ bout 45?

The origin of everything seems to always find its way to Facebook. I happen to be scrolling through one day and read an article about how #taketheknee started. And I was in awe, I was flabbergasted and I just knew that people couldn’t have possibly known this story. They can’t possibly know when and why Kaepernick started taking a knee. I know that this story will be in some history book but the way that history is starting to go, it’ll most likely be written the same way slaves are now written as migrant workers.

Kaepernick first started sitting for the national anthem. It was brought on by multiple stories featured in the news of unarmed black men gunned down by law enforcement. Marshawn Lynch did it too but no one cared because Marshawn does shit all the time that says fuck the establishment with no explanation. But Kaepernick, it was a problem because unlike Lynch he was more verbal, he kept doing interviews and talking about his purpose. Kaepernick continued to sit for months and then a military veteran, Nate Boyer, wrote an article that went viral. The article was to Kaepernick from a military vets perspective and how Kap sitting for the anthem affected him personally.

Kaepernick listened and invite Boyer to meet with him and for them to have a conversation about their different points of view. That conversation must have gone well because the result was Boyer suggesting that Kap kneel as oppose to sit.

Why kneel? In a military funeral after the flag is taken off the casket and folded, it is presented to the parents, spouse or child by kneeling.Kneeling is an honor, it is a sign of respect.

Kaepernick didn’t decide to kneel on his own. If a vet came up with it someone please tell me


Disrespect the flag? Majority of Americans don’t even follow the flag code. Disrespect the anthem? Let’s really talk about that great anthem that you all praise and love and stand and protect….


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