Nipplegate ‘04

October 2017, they announced it, Justin Timberlake to headline the Super Bowl, AGAIN! It’s amazing to me how people continue to bring up the Super Bowl when Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson performed, you all know the story ,a titty was shown. When I got on Twitter I saw how people were reacting to Justin Timberlake performing. And quite frankly most of the reactions were EXTRA AS FUCK! Many people had the views that Justin Timberlake needed to apologize to Janet Jackson, that he never apologized to Janet Jackson, that he never acknowledged what happen with Janet Jackson. Watch the video below:

Remorseful Justin

When I watch this video I saw 20 something-year-old kid who reacted to the situation the way that a 20 something-year-old kid would react to a situation. He acknowledges that maybe he should have said more, but even more so at the end of the interview he acknowledge that most of the blame for that Super Bowl was not put on him. He makes a valid point that our society is so flawed that people were more interested in bashing Janet Jackson a woman, a woman of color. He acknowledges that there’s a double edge sword for women in the entertainment business and an even sharper sword for women of color in the entertainment business. I have been a Justin Timberlake fan since his N’Sync days . Honestly, I think that he was very open and very honest and very real with how he reacted to the situation. On top of that it was 10 years ago, so get the fuck over it. I read an article that said that if Justin Timberlake was to invite Janet Jackson to the Super Bowl she would absolutely accept. Justin Timberlake didn’t band Janet Jackson from the Super Bowl the Super Bowl committee band Janet Jackson from the super bowl . Probably the same committee that is made up of people that are behind why Collin Kaepernick still does not have a job. The same committee of people who are against kneeling during the anthem and what that protest is about. Society expects for people in the entertainment business to completely stop doing everything for the sake of justice but the majority of you wouldn’t stand up for anything if it could jeopardize your own career so why would you expect different from someone simply because they were in the entertainment business. And let’s be quite honest, Janet’s pockets were not affected by this boob incident and never were her tour sales.

I’ve heard many people say things about people in the entertainment business lacking empathy towards oppression because they are wealthy ,oppression has nothing to do with money, speaking up and speaking out is very difficult regardless of your financial standing, because everyone has something to lose. For every action there’s an equal or greater reaction and in this instance Justin Timberlake reacted in a correct manner for 20 something-year-old. If Janet Jackson has no bad blood against Justin Timberlake. If Janet Jackson is on is sold out tour nationwide right now. Why are people still so pressed to hang Justin Timberlake? Why were people so pressed to watch him fail during his performance?

Did he fail? What did y’all think of Justin’s Super Bowl performance?

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  1. Lol, great article. People trip on Justin wayy too much for the now, from the titty incident. Nowadays twitter makes everybody trash for any reason. JT killed the performance too- Salt on the wound lol.

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